Sarah Amala Psychic Medium at the Piano.

Sarah is true magic.


Cyndi | Harrisburg, PA

Hi. I'm Sarah Amala 
Sarah Amala Energy Readings Spiritual Gu


I normalize magic...


I’m a psychic intuitive, energy channel, energy

healer, yoga teacher, and life & health coach, and I have a degree from Harvard in Creative Writing.


Yes, I’m hard to pin down — but that’s actually my magic. 


Embracing my identity as a neurodivergent queer woman of color and a Projector has allowed me to embody my deepest self and create a container for my calling that’s 100% authentic to me and my unique gifts.


I love demystifying the mystical
You won’t see me with a crystal ball, pendulum or singing bowl. I’m not here to play Magic 8 Ball or tell you that you’re going to marry a tall, dark, handsome (wo)man. 
What I am here to do is help you heal trauma, connect with your higher self, and begin to co-create the life of your dreams with the universe.

I help you awaken to your true self
Through studying your birth chart and using my intuition to tap into your angels and guide, I help you affirm your life path so you can show up more fully and unapologetically in your everyday life.
I alchemize the mystical and the modern to give people real, practical ways to infuse more wonder and enchantment into their lives. My clients walk away with a newfound sense of peace and clarity and greater confidence in their life’s journey.
Ready to do some magic?
Sarah Amala Drinking a Cup of Coffee Dur

uncover and release

Even in a very short period of time, Sarah is able to pinpoint the underlying energies of what’s going on. She works with you to help uncover, bring to the surface, connect the dots, and help release. She does this all with loving support, sincere intent to help, incredible wealth of background, and amazing channeling ability.

Jen | Lancaster, PA

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