Intuition Mentorship is meant to give you one-on-one assistance with developing your own unique brand of intuition. Whether you are planning to use your gifts to give readings or start a career in the metaphysical arena or you are simply interested in deepening your connection to your higher self and spirit, we can work together to make sure you feel confident, comfortable, and completely supported. 

You will learn how to protect your energy, clear your energy, and be a person with strong ethics and boundaries. 

Mentorship is comprised of four (1) hour sessions, with 24/7 text support, and membership to Restoration included. 


Sarah is an amazing psychic/medium and mentor. I experienced a BIG awakening of my own gifts during Covid-19 quarantine. After speaking with Sarah about my experiences, I asked her if she was helping others grow their abilities. I was drawn to her authentic and gentle delivery of clear messages of the highest vibration to those seeking assistance. I took the leap into Intuition Development with Sarah. I am proud to have her as a mentor through this process of learning. From protection of energy to channeling techniques, she has tailored every session to my individual needs. This isn't a canned program! She is available to answer my questions and assure me when I'm anxious. I appreciate her high ethics and boundaries she not only teaches, but practices herself. If you are looking for a mentor for Intuition Development, I recommend Sarah Amala!