welcome to capricorn season

December 22nd we clicked into Capricorn Season - ruled by the sweetly stubborn Sea Goat. This happens every year, you know, Scorpio season, then Sagittarius season, then Capricorn season. Every year. And yet, doesn't it seem that this year we are all feeling the shifts into the different elements so much more keenly?

If so, are you wondering why that is?

Part of the big "inside magic" that happened during Solstice on Monday was what I'm going to call a "sensory unveiling." Imagine our skin and our energetic fields having been coated in a thick residue. This residue acted as a buffer, as a concealer sometimes, to the energies around us. Solstice energies (still streaming in nice and strong) are sloughing off this residue. As a result, we are FEELING. So it isn't that these things have never been here before, or that anything is particularly "new." It's that WE have not experienced them to such an unfiltered degree before.

This will feel different to all of us. For me, I am noticing a stronger sensitivity to smells and chemicals. My digestion is completely on the fritz. My actual skin feels charged. I feel much more antennae-like.

How does it feel for you?

This unveiling is really exciting because it also will reveal for us our unique ways of experiencing the world around us. All of our "clairs" or extrasensory perceptions will amp up and give us a much more in depth idea of what they can do.

It's a good time to pay attention to what feels good to you. Your body is here to inform you of that. Please listen.

Moving from the fiery, expansive, wild-child Sagittarius to the Sea Goat (Earth Sign) is a welcome sloooooow down if you've been riding the waves. It's time to take stock of all your things. To look at your learnings. To count your fingers and toes.

Capricorn energy grounds us to our new reality. Anchors us in. Feel it out. If you have prominent Capricorn placements, this will be a time to ask yourself: Do I believe I am worthy of my own bigness?

And I'll help you out here:

Your answer will be: Yes.

I'm taking tomorrow off to be with my family for the annual Shredding of the Papers; I'll be back live on Monday at 8:30am EST.

Our last full moon call of the 2020 is on 12/29; if you would like to join us, use code: IAMREADY and click the sea goat.

Sending much love to you all on this holiday eve, however you celebrate, however you gather; you are the magic.

- S

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