TURN AROUND TIME - At this time turnaround time for charts is between 7-10 days. Thank you! I love you! 



**Please note, the Merkaba chart is NOT for you if you are already very well versed in your own natal chart and feel no confusion about how to integrate and understand your major placements. I would recommend booking a private one-on-one session for a more in depth reading**


The Merkaba Signature uses astrology as a jump point to reveal the blueprint that YOU created before you incarnated on this planet. Your natal chart is an incredible tool and when you have the confidence and understanding to wield it, you can drop the heavy weight of everyone else’s expectations and relax into your own unique and perfect being. IT IS SO GOOD.


This option delivers your personalized Merkaba reading to your inbox. It will include a video explaining your chart to you including intuitive inisghts.  I'll also include links to learn about the different zodiac signs, houses, and planets for easy reference. 

Merkaba Signature Chart

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  • Once you order your Merkaba Chart please be patient as I take time to connect with your energy, your guides, and take care to ensure each chart is done to perfection. 

    Please note at this time turnaround time is between 7-10 days.