During the week of the Scorpio Full Moon, the Relationship Activation took place. This activation is comprised of three sessions (each about an hour long) and explores the New Earth understanding of romantic, personal, friendship, and family relationships. 


Find your venus sign for session two here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-venus-sign.html


This AUDIO only version is now available to you! 




"Absolutely loved it! A lot of insight and wonderful information that I definitely needed. I can’t wait for the rest!!!!" -- Tiffany, Peoria AZ


"Loved it! Love is unconditional, relationships are conditional... gold. Lots of great nuggets and validation of my own thoughts and feelings.Venus signs were cool to touch on. I am someone who will have to watch again for all of it to sink in! Might comment more when I get around to my second time around with it! Thanks Sarah! Loving the energy and perspectives you bring! Totally resonate!" - Beth, Dillsburg PA

Relationship Activation - Audio Sessions