Think of this as a factory reset for your energetic field.


Gentle movement and guided breathing help to move stuck energy and relax your body so that you can receive energy clearing and healing.


You will receive messages from your guides, your angels, and from Peony, the skull, whose energy facilitates this incredible session.


Weather permitting, this session is held outdoors underneath two beautiful Locust trees, whose grounding energy is soothing and healing. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


"I was worried when we started that I wouldn't " see" anything. Like I would have to worry about looking for things in my mind during meditation. But with the yoga movements and energy work involved those things just came out in my mind. I loved that you had me write and talk about them immediately so I didn't forget. The eye pillow is amazing. And all the scents incorporated. Loved the music and all the things you said during it. Visuals of peony pink energy and the visualizing stuck energy really felt amazing. It is rare that i am able to fully meditate and visualize things like that but you made it happen!"