Community is everything

Restoration is the heart and soul of everything here at Sarah Amala. Being able to interact, learn and share together is invaluable and so important as we all integrate this new energy! 

When you join Restoration, you get community and so much more: 


  • Two Monthly Lunar Creation Calls, where I walk you through how to understand and utilize the current energies to create, heal, and have fun! 

  • First Access to Private Reading availability and exclusive discounts

  • Monthly Masterclasses led by Spiritual Teachers from all over the globe 

  • And more all the time!  

Nothing in Restoration requires you to be LIVE but you always have that option. Everything is recorded for your convenience. You interact at the level that feels good for you. 

Better yet, you can try it risk free. Your first month is on us with code ACTIVATE


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do - even if I'm not with you live, I listen to you every week (usually as I'm driving!) to keep connected.  A friend said to me the other day - "you're different.  Like, not that you weren't awesome before, but there's just something that has shifted in you".  I owe that to the work I've done with you across this last year. 

Amanda | Harrisburg

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a community


A community of like minded-people during a difficult year has been super beneficial. Not only have the monthly moon calls saved my butt, but being able to relate to others has been wonderful. 

Danielle | Elizabethtown, PA


 same spirit

I am surrounded by a like-spirited community with the endless pursuit of knowledge and expanded consciousness.

Lisa | Kearneysville, WV

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increasing my awareness


I really like that you value feedback and use that for growth. I also love who you bring onto your show (Coffee and Magic). I then go and look them up and listen to them or follow them. I feel that is increasing my awareness and spiritual depth. I love how vulnerable you are which allows us to trust you. I have shared your podcast and lives. Thanks!

Stephanie | Harrisburg, PA