Mirror Alchemy

During this month long intensive, we meet virtually FOUR TIMES — once a week. You choose your session time, much like booking a private reading. 


Our one-on-one time helps us to pull in messages from your spiritual team, your inner child, and your own intuition; this allows us to create a container for big healing.

In between our sessions are your MIRROR MEDITATIONS. These 5-10 minute recordings are created uniquely FOR YOU and are designed to be listened to while you look into a mirror.

Because of the intense nature of this month-long activation and the amount of time and preparation we both must put into it, the first step is completing a survey to see if you are ready for this commitment.

Once you apply you will receive an email from me when there is an opening. Sessions are currently booked through MAY. 

Group Workshops

Group Workshops are also called Group Activations. These are usually six weeks long and include a weekly virtual session that's about 90-120 minutes. In between sessions is integration time and you'll be supplied with appropriate meditations to support that. 

Occasionally a mini group activation is offered as well, these are usually 3-day or one session. 

Previous Activations include: 

  • Abundance Activation

  • Relationship Activation 

  • Your Body is not a Machine

To stay updated on the upcoming Group Activations, please be sure you're subscribed to the mailing list! 

Sarah Amala Horoscope Energy Background.

about relationship activation:

"Love is unconditional, relationships are conditional”... gold. Lots of great nuggets and validation of my own thoughts and feelings. I am someone who will have to watch again for all of it to sink in! Thanks Sarah! Loving the energy and perspectives you bring! Totally resonate!

Beth Baublitz | Dillsburg, PA


Community is everything. 

Restoration is the heart & soul of everything I do here at Sarah Amala. Being able to interact, learn and share together is invaluable and so important as we all integrate this new energy! 

When you join Restoration, you get community and so much more: 


  • Two Monthly Lunar Creation Calls, where I walk you through how to understand and utilize the current energies to create, heal, and have fun! 

  • First Access to Private Reading availability and exclusive discounts

  • Monthly Masterclasses led by Spiritual Teachers from all over the globe 

  • And more all the time!  

Nothing in Restoration requires you to be LIVE but you always have that option. Everything is recorded for your convenience. You interact at the level that feels good for you. 

Better yet, you can try it risk free. Your first month is on me with code ACTIVATE


Activations are the New Earth way of doing your "work." All you have to do is grab a cup of coffee, hit play, and let the Activation begin.

(re)Activation is a four week immersion and alignment into new earth energies. This activation only requires your presence. There is nothing to memorize, write down, or "learn" in the traditional sense.


After you complete the four weeks, you may repeat
this activation again as many times as you like. Each time will give you a new perspective and energetic shift. Join the private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and I will answer them. I will also randomly pop into the group and go live for Q&As and special treats.



about reActivation:

Amazing energetic experience.

Christine | Sarasota, FL


Choose from several self-guided and reusable meditations to help you upgrade your thought-systems on what growth is, anchor in love and peace, and bring new earth energy into your life.