Sarah is absolutely amazing! Every intuitive message is out of love and completely spot on. She has a beautiful spirit and her energy matches 100%. I always look forward to our sessions.

Maiya Harris | Mechanicsburg, PA

Tapping in with Sara has become a part of my daily routine.

Kim | Dillsburg, PA

Sarah is so welcoming, kind-hearted and patient. Such a comforting presence, knowledgeable and level-headed. So grateful I had the opportunity to work with her at a time like this!


Ericka | Portland, OR

Powerful - especially loving the meditations. I just completed the moving meditation. I'm still vibrating.

Tara Whitehead | Harrisburg, PA

Sarah is wonderful! She truly puts her heart and soul into everything she does and is a beautiful channel of divine energies. Her readings are amazing and full of love, and her Amala method and healing sessions are deeply restorative and gently shift big energies with grace and ease. If you are being called to work with her, I would say YES! She is on fire and will help you in both subtle and powerful ways.

Brandy Yavicoli | Gardners, PA

Sarah provided a very calm and nurturing presence and setting. I felt seen, heard,

and held.

Lisa | Kearneysville, WV

 I thought I only had one topic but somehow more came up! I wish I’d done an hour. Everything shared resonated and you satiated the desire to understand what I’ll now refer to as my bloodline. I'm excited to have connected with you and to have you as I move forward on my spiritual “return to self.” 

Kathryn Marriott | Camp Hill, PA

Sarah has created a peaceful sanctuary and draws together community with her authenticity, love, and gentle healing spirit.

Rickie Meryl Freedman | Camp Hill, PA

This community has given me a sense of self and belonging. It's helped me to find myself and dive deeper into who I am.

Jeanne | Camp Hill, PA

Sarah is a spiritually sound, progressive, and revolutionary healer!

Tara Whitehead | Harrisburg, PA

Even in a very short period of time, Sarah is able to pinpoint the underlying energies of what’s going on. She works with you to help uncover, bring to the surface, connect the dots, and help release. She does this all with loving support, sincere intent to help, incredible wealth of background, and amazing channeling ability.

Jen | Lancaster, PA

This community has been hugeeee in helping me through the difficult transitions in my life - feeling supported and loved and a part of something bigger.

Matt | Mechanicsburg, PA

I am surrounded by a like-spirited community with the endless pursuit of knowledge and expanded consciousness.

Lisa | Kearneysville, WV

It's so great to hear from others journeying. And genuinely, I simply love being a part of the community!

Amanda | Harrisburg, PA

Very insightful, personally expansive and relevant. I appreciated insights about blind spots and facets in my life I maybe slightly neglected. 

I felt Sarah was centered, present and razor sharp or very in tune. Overall, I was very, very impressed.  

Dr. Steven Palmer | Los Angeles