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New Earth is Here

Are you ready to level up and do your work? Let's chat! 

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Catch Sarah live every Monday, 

Weds, and Friday

at 8:30am EST

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Restoration is your all-access pass to all things Sarah Amala. With your monthly membership you will receive a 25% off discount on all activations and SA services, lunar manifestation calls to help you harness these potent new earth energies, weekly text messages from Sarah, and exclusive content! All for only $22/month!

it's time to activate and align 

It's time to REMEMBER all the magic and knowing you hold within yourself. We are bringing New Earth style learning and manifestation in, and YOU are invited to join us! 

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I love Sarah and the readings I have had with her! She has an amazing way of connecting the dots in the areas of your life where you are seeking additional information and new insight. 

Her honest, accurate and wonderfully genuine readings will energize your spirit and lift you up! I highly recommend Sarah!


—  Johanna Geister 

Sarah Amala 

1914 Penn Street

Harrisburg, PA 17010

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