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Sarah Amala is a Psychic Medium, Energy Worker (Reiki III certified), RYT 200 hr Yoga Teacher, writer, and Holistic Health Coach. She has spent the past decade collecting this rag-tag bunch of  certifications with the hope that one day all of the randomness would make sense. Well, that day is today! Sarah offers a unique mash-up of magic, intuitive talk therapy, energy work and training, and intuitive body movement with the goal of supporting you on your journey -- exactly where you are. Whether you are in a one-on-one reading or a part of Restoration -- the virtual spiritual community -- Sarah offers a refreshing and down-to-earth style of support that is inclusive to everyone. 

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Journey through the looking glass

Sarah Amala offers virtual and in-person intuitive readings, Energy Healing, and a wide variety of workshops and events. Learn more by clicking below!


I love Sarah and the readings I have had with her! She has an amazing way of connecting the dots in the areas of your life where you are seeking additional information and new insight. 

Her honest, accurate and wonderfully genuine readings will energize your spirit and lift you up! I highly recommend Sarah!


—  Johanna Geister 

Find the support you need with Restoration

Restoration is the heart & soul of Sarah Amala. This virtual community is thriving and here to support you as you re-store your true self. For the price of attending one event you get an entire toolbox of spiritual support!


Sarah Amala 

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